Hoffmann Tree Service specializes in climbing without the use of heavy equiptment. This allows for a small impact on surrounding areas and the ability to cut close to buildings where heavy equiptment can not reach. Heavy macheinery compacts the soil and can be detrimental to tree health. 

Trees are large heavy objects, that can destroy your property or endanger your life. Hire a Certified Arborist to take care of your pruning and removal needs.

Speciality Services

Consulting Services


Provide solutions and recommendations for clients property.



Removal of dead or damaged parts of tree to help prevent insect and decay organisms from entering the tree. 
Full Removal: 
- dead trees that have become a hazard. 
- specific trees that will promote stand health. 
- any other trees that need removal, no matter the location. 
Tree Health Care

If you have a sick or dying tree we can help. There are many approaches that can be used to save a damaged tree. We have organic and conventional approaches for all types of situations. 

Firewood and Chips


We are very flexible with homeowners during removal.  If you want your tree for fire wood, lumber,  or a local delivery of  free wood chips we can help you. 

Urban Tree Managment


Inventory of urban trees for municiplaities, pruning and removal as a sub-contractor 

Replacement and Planting

Replace removed trees or plant new ones